SECRET REVEALED: My #Writing Process

I recently received a message from a fan asking about my writing process, so I decided to divulge a closely kept secret and reveal the truth behind how I write a book. Fine, it’s not really a secret, but it sounds cooler that way, right? Getting started: When I started writing my first novel six years ago, […]

#StarTrek50 Plus, a Secret is Revealed…

With the celebration of 50 years of Star Trek in full swing, and with a few new followers here on my blog, I’m curious to know, how many of you are fellow Trekkies? If you’ve read any of my books, you might have figured out that I’m a total Trekkie. But just in case you […]

#MondayBlogs: Jealousy, Reading, Writing, Loneliness, Jealousy…

Hi Friends! The picture of the bridge is a metaphor. I’ll let you try and interpret the deeper meaning. Here are a few hints: I’m playing single mom all week while my husband attends a burn surgery conference in Las Vegas. Right now, I’m feeling very pitiful and miserable as I sit at home with […]

#MondayBlogs: Indie VS Traditional: Who Writes the Better Books?

I’m writing this post to confront a misconception. Traditionally published books are better than independently published books. Of course, what exactly does “better” mean? Does it mean better editing? Does it mean less typos, better flow, less cliches, stronger characters, and more creative stories? I know this subject tends to be a bit subjective, and […]

#MondayBlogs: Writing, Reading, Living

Reading: I just finished reading (last night at 1 AM) the third book of Benjamin K. Hewett’s series, Swords. Let me just say, as a mom of five little ones, I consider sleep to be sacred, so to stay up so late past bedtime is a huge thing–it means I must really love the book! […]

#MondayBlogs: Giveaway Updates, Reading and Writing Updates, Life Updates

Hi Friends! Life Updates: The Barnes and Noble book signing was a huge success. I got to meet some wonderful authors and fans. I must say, the nurses of St. Francis hospital stole the show! Since this was my first book signing, and I’m a fairly new author, I wasn’t expecting a huge turnout. I […]

My Road to Finding a Publisher

Greetings readers! Today I felt like it was time for me to tell “my story.” I’m always curious to know how other authors got started, and while I don’t have time to tell my whole story, I at least wanted to discuss what made me choose an independent publisher over a traditional publishing house. I’ll start […]