Lexi Sinclair Book Cover (NEW)

My name is Lexi Sinclair, and I am not my sister.
Sure, Harleigh is a special person. She can do some amazing things with her Neotact ability, but I’m tired of living in her shadow. I’ve got my own talents as well. For one, I’m good under pressure. Comes in handy when you’ve got to deal with a family like mine.
When a scythe relic gets stolen by my ex from Greyson Industries, it’s my turn to take charge. I leave San Antonio and travel to Utah, then to Mexico, on my search for the relic, but I’m not ready for the dark secrets waiting to be uncovered.
To make things worse, I’m forced to work with an idiot archeologist named Dr. Arden Fletcher. Although he drives me crazy, I may be the teeniest bit attracted to him, despite my best efforts to hate him.
If we can’t find the scythe in time, my ex-boyfriend will use it in a ritual that could destroy half of Earth’s population.
But no pressure. It’s what I’m good at.