Book 1 - The Way of the Dragons

Rule one on the Galaxy Road: if anyone learns your name—run.

After a pair of Luminary guards shoot down thirteen-year-old Judah Starweaver’s ship, he hides in the rover’s wreckage where he discovers a mysterious map. Aided by Sky Scrappers, Judah journeys the Dragon’s Way—a place where America is a fairytale from a planet that existed as a flat disc, during a time so long ago that no one cares about it. The road is a spiraling galaxy filled with the remains of the Statue of Liberty, pyramids, floating dragons, and the ever-present threat of death.

If he manages to follow the map to the end, he could not only discover the truth of Earth’s destruction, but he could also learn why some secrets are better left buried, and why there are those who are willing to kill to keep the truth hidden.