Reading: DARTSI just finished reading (last night at 1 AM) the third book of Benjamin K. Hewett’s series, Swords. Let me just say, as a mom of five little ones, I consider sleep to be sacred, so to stay up so late past bedtime is a huge thing–it means I must really love the book! And I did. So much that I’m now having that dreaded book hangover, where anything you try to read seems terrible, and all you want to do is go back and read the book you were so invested in. Sigh.

Writing: I’ve been averaging 1,200 words a day on Heidel’s story. This has been way too much fun to write. I’ve gotten comments from readers who say Heidel is a vibrant, well-developed character, and others who say she’s not. Of course, I’ve always thought she was well-developed, especially after completing book three, but I can tell you now that she is most definitely a strong character and doesn’t have any trouble whatsoever taking control of a story. I’ve also created a new love interest for her. He’s a professional thief and has that dark, sexy sort of charm. I think the two characters play off each other nicely. I’m currently at 14,000 words on the story. I was aiming for 15,000 max, which means I’d better finish this thing very soon. I’m going to start posting a line from my current WIPs on Wednesdays, so check back to see which line I pick.

What I’m doing: Birthday parties! I’ve got two boys with birthdays 5 days apart, so we’re hard at work getting busy with parties. One turned three and the other is turning 11.

Live long and dream on!