Hi Friends!

The picture of the bridge is a metaphor. I’ll let you try and interpret the deeper meaning. Here are a few hints: I’m playing single mom all week while my husband attends a burn surgery conferenc2015-12-30 10.44.02e in Las Vegas. Right now, I’m feeling very pitiful and miserable as I sit at home with the five kiddos, trying not to be jealous of my husband who’s staying at Caesar’s Palace. Sigh. I need you all to leave glowing reviews of my books on Amazon to get me out of my funk. Kidding. Totally kidding. That is very wrong of me. Sort of. So did you figure out the deeper meaning? Okay, seriously, I just wanted a pretty pic to add to my post, but if you thought of something other than that–kudos to you.

Moving on. What am I reading this week? After finishing two excellent series, Darts, Rings, and Swords by Benjamin K Hewett and The Timely Death Trilogy by Shannon A Thompson, I’m back to reading the Riyria Chronicles by Michael J Sullivan. His books are massive high fantasies, so they should keep me occupied for a long time. I’ll probably take another break between books two and three to read something a little lighter. Suggestions? I need something funny and fluffy to get my mind off certain things. Like my loneliness. Fine. Shutting up about it. Let’s move on.

What am I writing? I am having tons of fun writing Silverwitch, book 4 of the Fairy World MD series. Dragons, enchantments, and secret hidden castles are all part of the plot. Plus, it’s got Olive and Kull, so what could possibly go wrong?


 I wasn’t sure if he’d ever forgive me for this one. He’d left me for ten months after his father’s death—what would he do to me after this?

I also have some big news–Dreamthief has been nominated in Foreword Reviews IINDIEFAB-in-it-to-win-itNDIEFAB book of the year award. They opened up a readers’ favorite category where I’m supposed to try and get people to comment on my book on their site. Sooo, if you’ve nothing better to do, I would appreciate if you could drop a line or two. No need to register as long as you have a Facebook account. They also suggested using the hashtag #IndieFabFave. (A mouthful, I know.) And this is the link… https://indiefab.forewordreviews.com/books/dreamthief/


That’s all for now. Drop me a line to keep me company during my week of unwanted solitude!

Live long and dream on-