When her worst fears come true, Sabine must fight to save the only world she calls home.

Six months after a deadly solar flare threatened to destroy Earth, Sabine is sent back to the mysterious world of Ithical, where a civilization lives hidden under a dome. She’s tasked with discovering who is stealing cerecite—a rare ore with extraordinary capabilities. While cerecite can be used for healing and energy, Sabine suspects someone is using it for sinister purposes.

After one of Ithical’s shield generators is destroyed, Sabine and her friends investigate. When they locate the shattered generator, they make a shocking discovery. The saboteur who demolished it also plans to destroy the other three, which would completely eradicate Ithical. Worse, the saboteur may be closer than she realizes—close enough to kill if she gets too near the truth.

The countdown has started and there’s no time to waste! Get this riveting sequel to the Rone-award winning fantasy novel The 7th Lie.