Fairy World MD Boxed Sets Are HERE!

FAIRY WORLD M.D. BOXED SETS NOW AVAILABLE! We have not one, but two brand new releases today. From award-winning author Tamara Grantham comes two new boxed sets with full-length Fairy World M.D. books. Both sets includes exclusive bonus content, and offer the reader a discount over purchasing each novel individually. The Fairy World M.D. series […]

Help Me Write This Book! The Faythander Chronicles

  I’ve got this insane idea that I need your help with. I want to write a serialized book written in small scenes that I’ll post weekly to the blog. I’ve got the basic idea, but I want readers’ input on the details. Just keep in mind that I can’t choose everyone’s ideas. I may […]

My News: Exciting, Nervous, EXCITING! Read to Find Out!

Okay, first, I’m NOT pregnant. I know you might have thought that from the title of this post. Nope. That’s not the news. BUT it is something really exciting. If you want to know what it is, you’ll have to keep reading, because there’s a story behind this news… Last summer, I found out that […]

Will Deathbringer be Ready for its Debut on April 25th?

Hi all! I just wanted to give you a quick update on the status of Deathbringer. I turned in the final edits yesterday! I’m a little obsessive when I go through my edits. Most authors would go through the highlighted areas and accept or reject the changes, but I’m not most authors. Nope, I have […]

Silverwitch Award Nomination!

I’m pleased to announce that Silverwitch has been nominated for the prestigious Whitney Award. Being nominated is such an honor. I feel grateful and humbled, but mostly extremely humbled. Past winners include Brandon Sanderson, Jennifer A Neilsen, and Tracy and Laura Hickman. Yeah, humbled. And scared.   This is the third nomination for my Fairy […]

Two Words-Dragon Fight!

This scene is for my husband. He’s been begging me forever to write  a dragon fight, so I finally did. For those who don’t know, my husband puts quite a bit of input into my stories. I go over every outline with him and he makes suggestions. Some of those suggestions even end up in […]

GOBLINWRAITH Release Day December 23rd!

Hi everyone! Releasing two books in one week has been a whirlwind of fun. Releasing two books in one week the week before Christmas has been crazy exciting–and I must admit, also a little crazy. But I am super excited about the release of Goblinwraith. It’s unique because it’s the only book of the Fairy […]

SILVERWITCH! Find out which scene was the hardest to write…

My emotions are always a mess on release day. I feel one part elated and the other part nervous as heck. Silverwitch is my personal favorite of the Fairy World MD books, but now I have to release it to the world and let it go out to many readers. Some will love it and some […]

What’s the Secret of Heidel’s Story? And an EXCERPT!

Want to know what secret I’ve been keeping? It may be hidden in Heidel’s Story… I know I’ve been pretty quiet about Goblinwraith (Heidel’s Story) but there is a reason. When I was writing Silverwitch, I came to a point where Heidel set off on her own quest for a section of the book, but […]