I’m still exhausted from Wizard World Comic Con in Tulsa, but it was a great event, so no complaints here! I sold out of most of my books, met some awesome fans, and saw some outrageous costumes. This has become a family event. My husband and kids tag along, buy lots of extremely necessary items they can’t live without, ($80 swords anyone?) drink Wild Bill’s soda until they’re sick, and have an altogether blast. I saw Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura from Star Wars.) I tried to get a pic but she wheeled past my booth too speedily in her wheel chair. She looks great at 85, I must say. I also got to meet Kato Kaelin (He didn’t escape me.) And I have to admit I fangirled a little. I remember watching the OJ trials with my cousin and he stole the show. He does the MC thing at Wizard World now.

I also got to speak on a panel about publishing along with Author Genese Davis, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Sabrina A. Fish and I shared a booth, and I think we can both agree it was a thoroughly exhausting, amazing event.

Here are some pics from the event!

I got to meet Kato Kaelin! Woot!
Found a new fan!
I met a fan who’d already read all my books! Yay!!
Author Lara Bernhardt and I were wearing matching necklaces from the Lord of the Rings.
Author Sabrina A. Fish and I make an awesome team!
I got to be on a panel with Author Genese Davis, and I found another new fan!
Gotta love these amazing Wizard of Oz costumes. Being from Kansas and all…
Another pic with Kato!