Last week, unknown to anyone, I had the goal of doubling the amount of followers on my blog. Guess what? I did it!

Thanks to you!

I went from three to six followers, which may sound silly that I’m so excited, but I feel it’s an accomplishment.

I feel grateful to my followers, and hope to keep you posted on what’s going on with my writing, my family, and life in general.

As for today’s topic, I’d like to discuss my fetish with reality survival shows.

This all started after I had my fourth baby (three months ago). I needed something to keep me occupied while nursing the baby. So I turned on the TV.

It all started with The Deadliest Catch–a fantastic show, in my opinion. Five stars. Those crabbers are down right crazy. And I love it.

Then came Survivorman, Man Woman Wild, Dual Survival. This branched out to other shows like Alaska State Troopers, Navajo Cops, The Shift.

Now I’m currently watching The Colony.

Here’s the premise: Seven people agree to live in a post-apocalyptic setting, where they have to survive on whatever supplies are available. They eat rats, snakes, roaches. Bleh. They bathe infrequently. They have to find shelter, water, food, all of which are scarce or in poor condition.

This show is also crazy. I’m surprised it’s legal, actually. On season two, one of the colonists gets captured, bound, a bag stuffed over her head, the whole nine yards. Even if it is reality TV, how would this not be traumatizing?

She gets thrown in a jail cell for a day. Again, traumatizing. If you subscribe to Netflix, all these shows are available, assuming you want to waste as much time as I do.

I guess you can see how much time I spend nursing my little booger.

I feel a little embarrassed about how much TV I watch. But there is something to be learned from all this.

Here I go at psychoanalyzing myself: I have trials. Who doesn’t? Sometimes I have pity parties, whoa is me, etc. But I watch those shows about people spending thirty hours on a crab boat deck, pulling pots in the freezing cold rain, no sleep, no food. Or the wife following her husband around in awful places around the world, starving, having heat strokes, sleeping in mosquito infested swamps.

And then I think, hmm… at least I don’t have it that bad.

In fact, I have a/c, a bed, food whenever I want it, and a family who loves me. Maybe I’ll try on a smile for awhile.

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  1. Congrats on the followers!! Reality TV is addicting, I'm extremely addicted to Duck Dynasty… my weakness. I'm pretty sure the little one is obsessed with Super Why.