Sleep has been a hot commodity these days. The baby is usually really good at sleeping through the night, but as of late, he’s been waking up a couple times, and naps are getting shorter. The result? I’m tired. I hate being tired. I get grumpy. I think nasty thoughts about my loved ones who don’t deserve my nastiness.

Writing has been a challenge as well. A few weeks ago I was steaming out 1000+ per day, now I’m struggling to get anything down.

The answer?

I need sleep.

The baby isn’t the only reason for my deprivation. We’ve been having some crazy Tulsa thunderstorms. A few nights ago, the wind actually blew open our back door. All in the house slept through the crazy turbulence except me.

I woke up, walked into the living room, and smelled the scent of rain. I realized a door must’ve been open, and sure enough, I found the back door banging in the wind.

My husband sleeps like a brick, and with good reason. He averages four, sometimes five hours of sleep per night. I’ve learned to take up the slack. When baby needs someone at night, it’s me. When one of the other kids needs something–they come to me.

I’m hoping the baby gets back into the groove of sleeping soon. Pray that he does!

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  1. I understand. Misty is currently 17 months and she didn't sleep through the night until 16 months. Those were 16 long months. Especially since, like you said, I was doing it all on my own to let my poor husband sleep. Hope your baby gets to be a better sleeper! I enjoyed the story clip up there by the way. Hope you guys are well!