New Cover for Dreamthief!

I’m so excited to announce that Dreamthief is getting a makeover! After speaking with my publisher, we decided the original cover doesn’t really fit with the urban fantasy genre. Although I still love the old cover, this new cover more accurately shows my main character in her element. What do you think? We’ve also got […]

My News: Exciting, Nervous, EXCITING! Read to Find Out!

Okay, first, I’m NOT pregnant. I know you might have thought that from the title of this post. Nope. That’s not the news. BUT it is something really exciting. If you want to know what it is, you’ll have to keep reading, because there’s a story behind this news… Last summer, I found out that […]

The One Word You Should NEVER Title Your Book

This is a post I’ve planned for several months now, because it’s one of those posts that requires a bit of research. Let’s talk book titles–are they important? If so, then why? We all know that a book title is what a person first sees/hears when introduced to our books. “What are your books called?” is […]