Man of Steel did what movies should do, it entertained. I loved the sci-fi feel, (but I’m a sci-fi nerd, so that’s no surprise), I loved how we saw Superman in a light we’ve never seen him in before. The movie wasn’t a rehashing of the same story told so many times everyone and their grandpa knows it. We got to see Krypton for at least fifteen minutes, way longer than we’ve ever seen it before.

But here’s my beef, and I’m sure I’ll get tons of flack for this, but I’ll say it anyway.

Does Superman have to always be so darned super?

His mom and dad are perfect, even his real mom and dad are doting and only want to do what’s best for their kid. Clark Kent has a normal childhood. Sure, he faces bullies every now and then, but who doesn’t? In other words, where’s the tension? He has a secret to keep, but again, most of us do. It seems like any time we see Clark Kent’s parents on screen, we know they’ll do/say the right thing. That’s okay, but it’s a far cry from reality.

Maybe I’m just a big fan of Batman, who doesn’t have it easy. Although Bruce Wayne is a gazillionaire, his parents were murdered. And that creates tension. He gets lucky with the ladies but no one sticks around. Except for Alfred, he’s basically alone in a huge fortress.

I’m not saying Superman should be Batman, but does anyone else feel Clark Kent has too much of a perfect life?

So that’s my two cents.

In response to Ilana’s question, who asks how I manage to be Supermom with four kiddos, a scarce husband, and books to write: here’s my answer.

I’m no Supermom. I’m far from it. I make mistakes every day. I get mad at my kids. I cry. I scream. It’s the truth. But at the end of the day, my kids are alive. I’m alive. And we even have some fun times in between.

And perhaps that’s what I’d like to see Martha and Jonathan Kent do: cry and scream and admit that they aren’t perfect, but they’re trying.

After all, they did raise Superman.

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  1. I can't EVER imagine you screaming, but yeah, I've always found Superman to be a little boring. Give me someone with a tragic back story any day. Probably why I've yet to see the movie… 😉