I know everyone’s been anxiously awaiting my return to the blogger world, right? I’ve finally done it. And I’d love to make this a habit, so leave me your comments, and let me know what I should blog about, and we’ll put some zing back into this old dead blog for once!

Since I blogged last, I’ve finished a book, finished a novella, started another, but none of that compares with my biggest accomplishment, having a brand new beautiful baby boy!

Baby Gabriel was born on March 30, 2013, a healthy 8 pounds 5 ounces. He’s 2 1/2 months old now and growing bigger every day. He’s brought so much joy to our family, and though it was a trying pregnancy, to put it mildly, it was well worth it.

I have to thank my friends and family, and especially my husband David, for being there for me. I’m lucky to have such a great companion.

Happy father’s day, Dave!

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  1. WOO HOO!! Glad you're back!! I think you should include a blog about how you're super woman – being able to wrangle 4 kids is something to write about!!