Just ponder on that a minute.


When my friend, Erin York, asked me to read/review her book of poetry, I immediately agreed. I’ve read her writing before and I always been impressed by her unique storytelling and vivid imagination. I am not an avid reader of poetry, but I have always enjoyed it. To be honest, I think poetry is the simplest, yet most profound way to expressions emotions.

Erin York exceeded my expectations in The Light You Cannot Touch.

Her poems were real and tugged at the emotions. I found myself saying wow throughout the whole book.

My favorite poem she saved for last, which is also the title of the book. She speaks about being thirteen, that age between childhood and adulthood, when nothing makes sense anymore.

This is the blurb:

“THE LIGHT YOU CANNOT TOUCH is raw, wild, surprising, unafraid, and spry with flares of unforgettable brilliance.” –Savannah Thorne, executive director of Balkan Press and managing editor of Conclave: A Journal of Character. “Erin York leaves no doubt that she’s a writer of heart and vitality in these moving poems. She’s one to watch, one to listen for when you need poetry to take you to places only the heart knows.” –Allison Joseph, My Father’s Kites: Poems and editor-in-chief of Crab Orchard Review “Erin York takes her reader from innocence to experience, through loss and gain, through the tangled bodies of love in unexpected ways.” –Maryfrances Wagner, Red Silk, winner of the Thorpe Menn Book Award and co-editor of the I-70 Review

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