In recent years, I doubt anyone could get away from the recent vampire hype. But vampires aren’t the only blood sucking creatures out there. The Lamia may be just as infamous, though not as well-known.
Myths vary on Lamia’s origin. Some say Hera slew her children, so Lamia stole other children as retribution. The Lamia were folkloric monsters similar to vampires or succubi who seduced young men and fed on their blood. Most describe them with the head of a female and torso of a snake, though other versions give them snake scales for skin and a human body. Other versions say that she looked like an ordinary mortal, though had a snakeskin wrapped around her arm or waist.

I thought this picture was beautiful. It’s called Lamia (first version) by John William Waterhouse.(1905) Note the snakeskin wrapped around her arm and waist.

During the middle ages, mothers used the Lamia’s tale to frighten their children. The Lamia, enraged and saddened at her own children’s death, was said to snatch children from their beds and devour them.

In modern times, the Lamia appears in the BBC show Merlin, as well as in one of my favorite book series, The Kate Daniel series by Ilona Andrews.

Have you heard of the Lamia in any books or movies?

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