You’ve probably heard of the blind seer Tiresias. He played an important role in myth. However, his story didn’t end with the myths. I’ve incorporated him into my own writings.

I made him a sort of zombie Tiresias. I gave him seer stones for eyes that were dispersed through the Everlands. My heroes must find his two eyes and unite them with his corpse if they wish to succeed.

Here’s a snippet from the book:

Ian spoke up. “I hate to ruin the family reunion, but I’d like to know what happened to Tiresias’s corpse.”
“Lost it,” Mr. Rainwater answered.
Ian narrowed his eyes.
“Well, don’t look at me like that, boy.”
“I warned you,” Ian said. “You shouldn’t have gone. Now the queen is closer to finding the Ever King.”
“Not if we find his eyes first.”
“Eyes?” Lily asked, confused.
“Tiresias’s eyes,” Ian said as if that explained it.
“Hold on. Wasn’t Tiresias that blind seer from Greek times or something?”
“Yes,” Dr. Vander answered. “He was the blind prophet of Thebes.”
“And you’re trying to find his corpse?” she asked.
“They found it,” Ian put in. “And lost it.”
“Aye, but that’s not important. It’s his eyes we’re after,” Mr. Rainwater said.
“The eyes won’t do any good without the corpse,” Ian said.
“But why do you need a corpse? Or . . . eyes?” Lily asked. “You know this all sounds very strange.”
Dr. Vander turned to her. “After Tiresias’s first death, he was reborn as an immortal. He followed the old gods to the Everlands. For a time, he coexisted with them. When Tiresias foresaw the destruction of Hades, Hades dismembered him. Tiresias’s eyes, in actuality, were seer stones. Hades separated his eyes from his body, ensuring he never saw any more visions. The stones were powerful. Zeus knew it. To protect them, Zeus stole the stones, then hid them in the Everlands.”
“And now you’re trying to find them?” she asked.
“They think Tiresias will show them where the Ever King is,” Ian answered.

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  1. I like the way you explain your process for taking Tiresias from the original context and re-imagining him for your writing. via A to Z Challenge