What is Shine?
I’ve mentioned my book on this blog several times, but what is Shine exactly? It seems a lot of you want to know the answer, so here goes:
Shine is a breakthrough new series about young women with extraordinary abilities. New York Times-bestselling author created the books to be online serialized novellas. Like comic books, a new novella is available every month. Unlike comic books, these novellas are inexpensive, and you get a novella-length work that can be read over the weekend.
The first five installments are written by Bernhardt. The story is about Aura, a girl blamed for the destruction of Seattle, and follows her through her quest to survive “rehab” for Shines.
The next installments are written by authors invited by Bernhardt. I had the opportunity to write Shine #6, RAZE.
I look forward to posting for the next several days. I had a blast writing Raze, and I hope you’ll feel the excitement I do!
To learn more about Shine, you can watch the You Tube video.

To purchase my book on Amazon, you can click the link here.