#WriterLife: Keeping a Writing Schedule

One of the questions I get asked most as a writer is, “How are you able to write with five kids?” I’ll admit my life is chaos sometimes. Juggling the busy lives of five kids and an overworked husband can be demanding. When I get this question, I don’t always know how to answer. I’m […]

Overcoming Writer’s Doubt

What’s the question I get asked most as a writer? This one: “What do you do about writer’s block?” Writer’s block has universally become the acknowledged challenge for writers. I argue that we’re asking the wrong question. It’s not writer’s block we should be concerned about. I rarely deal with it, to be honest. If […]

Show Vs. Tell and Why are Discussing This Again?

The first rule most writers learn is this: Show don’t Tell. What does that mean? Easy. If you want your readers to be bored and have no sense of your world, you tell them about it. (The grass was brown. She was gorgeous. The car was old.) How is this telling, you ask? There are […]

GOBLINWRAITH Release Day December 23rd!

Hi everyone! Releasing two books in one week has been a whirlwind of fun. Releasing two books in one week the week before Christmas has been crazy exciting–and I must admit, also a little crazy. But I am super excited about the release of Goblinwraith. It’s unique because it’s the only book of the Fairy […]

#MondayBlogs #Writing Tips-Getting Started.

This post is inspired by my awesome PA Courtney! She’s starting the journey of writing her first book, and I offered to write a few words of advice on what to do when you’re in phase one of writing the first draft. All the advice I give comes from my own experiences, and as everyone […]