Halloween Spotlight: Multi-Author Event!

As part of a co-author blogging event headed up by the awesome Kendra Saunders (Author of Dating an Alien Pop Star), I get to post about my favorite Halloween movie. This is a no-brainer for me because it goes way back to my childhood. What’s my favorite Halloween movie??? Drum roll… Garfield’s Halloween! I must […]

#MondayBlogs: Giveaway Updates, Reading and Writing Updates, Life Updates

Hi Friends! Life Updates: The Barnes and Noble book signing was a huge success. I got to meet some wonderful authors and fans. I must say, the nurses of St. Francis hospital stole the show! Since this was my first book signing, and I’m a fairly new author, I wasn’t expecting a huge turnout. I […]

My Road to Finding a Publisher

Greetings readers! Today I felt like it was time for me to tell “my story.” I’m always curious to know how other authors got started, and while I don’t have time to tell my whole story, I at least wanted to discuss what made me choose an independent publisher over a traditional publishing house. I’ll start […]