#MondayBlogs: Indie VS Traditional: Who Writes the Better Books?

I’m writing this post to confront a misconception. Traditionally published books are better than independently published books. Of course, what exactly does “better” mean? Does it mean better editing? Does it mean less typos, better flow, less cliches, stronger characters, and more creative stories? I know this subject tends to be a bit subjective, and […]

#CTPshare Welcome Author Lila Felix

Hi Readers! All this month, CTP is featuring its awesome authors on a different day during the month of March. Today I have the special privilege of welcoming author Lila Felix to my blog! Colby Evans can leap from one country to the next in a heartbeat. She can see every sunset in every time […]

My Road to Finding a Publisher

Greetings readers! Today I felt like it was time for me to tell “my story.” I’m always curious to know how other authors got started, and while I don’t have time to tell my whole story, I at least wanted to discuss what made me choose an independent publisher over a traditional publishing house. I’ll start […]