Hello all! Today I have the special privilege of hosting author Angela Christina Archer. I read part of her novel in a writing group a year or so ago. I’ve been waiting since then to read the rest! Her book, The Woman on the Painted Horse, is to be released today. Please check it out!

Author Bio Angela Christina Archer is a Historical Fiction/Romance
writer. Living on a ranch in Oklahoma, she spends her days enjoying the
outdoors with her husband and children, riding and showing horses, gardening,
chasing around her many farm animals, and of course, putting her passion to pen
and paper.
Born in Nevada, Angela and
her husband made the bold choice to move halfway across the United States, away
from all they knew. They have no regrets and have never looked back. Life on a farm
can be hectic with children, horses, a dog, a cat, chickens, goats, and the
summer frogs that love to take up residence in her backyard, but she wouldn’t
have it any other way.
Book Blurb A
young woman defying the laws of her country, a young man hungry with greed and
power, a brave soul who falls in love with one he shouldn’t; all three caught
in a country divided by war and a forbidden love torn apart by blackmail and
Alexandra Monroe is a slave
smuggler, smuggling slaves north where they can live as free people. Her crime
is sedition and her punishment, if caught, is death. The daughter of one of the
wealthiest men in Montgomery, Alexandra lives a life not by her own accord,
but a life she willingly accepts for her secret quest to save the
lives of slaves. Her ultimate sacrifice is to marry the town’s most
eligible bachelor, Thomas Ludlow—who has deadly secrets of his own.
One afternoon, Alexandra comes face to face with handsome
William Graysden. Although, forbidden for his Creek Indian heritage, he captivates
her. They fascinate one another, and ultimately find in each other a bond they
don’t wish to ignore. After a series of events; however, William must face
the choice to continue the dangerous pursuit of Alexandra’s affections or
forget about her.
       Here are the links to find Angela online:
buy links (I won’t have the Amazon one until the release, but the Soul Mate
Publishing is www.soulmatepublishing.com
1.      When did you start writing? September
18, 2009. It’s weird that I know the exact date, but it’s the date I woke up,
said I was going to finally do it, and opened my computer.
are your favorite/least favorite things about writing?
done a lot of interviews with authors that say their least is editing, but I
have to say that’s actually my favorite. Least favorite is of course hitting
the dreaded brick wall.
3.      How do you respond to a negative
I haven’t received any *yet*. And, I would like to
say my plan is to just not read them, but I know that the temptation might get
the better of me. I plan to have lots of chocolate around me when it happens.  
you have any future projects in the works?
My second novel,
In the Land of Gold, is in contract with Soul Mate Publishing. It is set in
1897, during the Klondike gold rush. Currently, I’m looking at end of
2014/beginning of 2015 release. While the manuscript was hard to write, I had a
blast writing it and I’m excited to have it released for everyone else to
5.      What are you working on right now? My
third manuscript has taken a different turn then the first two. I always
thought I would stay in the sweet heat historical romances, but when I started
outlining my third, When the Black Roses Grow, it just sort of took a turn on
its own and has turned into a historical paranormal romance.
are some of your favorite books? Why?
7.      Do you have any writing advice for
newbie authors?
Join writing clubs and critique groups,
attend meetings, seminars, and conferences. They will help you learn. And,
write every day.
8.  If you could live anywhere in the
world, where would it be?
9.  If you could travel to any time,
past or present, where would you go? Who would you meet?
enough, my husband and I were talking about this the other night. I think it
would be an amazing to have experienced George Washington getting sworn in as
the first President. Huh, now I have a book idea brewing….
10.  What’s the strangest food you’ve
eaten? I don’t eat weird food.
I grew up picky, and
I’m now a picky adult. I have really weird food habits, too.
I love bacon—it’s perhaps my most favorite food. But with that
said, I can’t have it on anything. Love bacon, love hamburgers, but will NOT
eat a bacon burger. To me, bacon is too good to be shared with other flavors. I
won’t eat onions on anything, and even strain my Ragu spaghetti sauce to get
the little chopped onions out. But I like and will eat onion rings and
Outback’s Bloomin’ Onion. I eat jalapeno peppers on anything and
everything I can get them on. I am a condiment queen and will smoother my food
with mayo, ketchup, or dressing – whatever the condiment the certain food
requires I will pile it on, and I even put mayo on not only my sandwiches and
hamburgers, but my hot dog buns too. I eat peanut butter on pancakes and
waffles instead of butter.  I prefer vegetables over fruit. And, I believe
that cream cheese is a gift from the heavens. Brownies are my biggest weakness
and I will pile cream cheese frosting on them without a second thought.
11.  Think fast…
season: Fall
fairy tale: Too many to have just one.
or dogs: Horses!
or salty: Sweet
milk, or white chocolate: White

you go, do you have any special acknowledgments you’d like to give?
and foremost, to my host, Tamara Grantham! Thank you so much for the interview.
I had so much fun. And, congratulations on Shine #6—Raze. I’ve been thoroughly
enjoying it and I can’t wait to read more from you!