The Witch’s Tower is a Rapunzel retelling with a twist. It’s told from the perspective of Gothel, the witch, who happens to be the heroine. What gave me the idea to write from the witch’s point-of-view?

When I saw the movie Maleficent, I loved it so much. I’d always been fascinated with the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty, and especially the witch. I don’t know why, but since I was little, I always felt sorry for the witches of not just Sleeping Beauty, but of Rapunzel as well. Did the witches always have to die at the end? Were they somehow misunderstood? Maleficent made me realize that sometimes, maybe the witches do have another tale to tell. I started thinking of other misunderstood villains, particularly the witch of Rapunzel’s fairy tale, which has been my favorite fairy tale since I was old enough to read.

But I had a problem. How could the witch Gothel be a heroine? She kidnapped Rapunzel and locked her in a tower! But what if she didn’t? What if Rapunzel’s father had done it? What if he was trying to protect her? And what if Gothel was assigned to guard her? My story blossomed until I had an outline, and then a book. Now I have a release date, March 11, 2019. I can’t wait for everyone to read it! Be sure to add it to Goodreads! Also don’t forget to follow me on Amazon and Book Bub so you’ll be alerted when it’s released.

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