There was a pretty long line but it was so worth it! Meg was extremely friendly. She even gave me some advice on finding an agent for my own books.
I finished this book the previous night at 11:30. Loved it. And now I have a signed copy.
According to Meg, there are only three places you can wear a tiara and get away with it. Your wedding, prom, and coming to see Meg Cabot.

Meg said when she met Julie Andrews at her film premiere of The Princess Diaries, all that came out of her mouth was, “I loved your books!” Having only met famous authors at book signings and never any famous actresses, especially not Julie Andrews famous, it was all her brain could manage to spit out.
Luckily, Julie Andrews actually has written some books, as Meg later found out.
I think what I liked most about the whole evening was Meg’s sincere appreciation of her fans. I’m sure there were over one-hundred people in line to meet her, and she took the time to chit-chat with every single one. Go Meg!