This morning I listened to a talk called “Like a Broken Vessel” by Jeffrey R. Holland. I clicked it by accident, and didn’t even know what the topic of the talk was about, but to my surprise, found that it addressed the topic of mental health.
Some of you may know that I’ve struggled with depression off-and-on, but the talk made me consider other things. I know there are others who suffer like me, and most of us suffer in silence. Despite all our research, there is still a stigma toward those who suffer with mental health issues.
Also, I write about a therapist who counsels those with mental health problems. Even though I write about a fictional character whose patients have visited Fairy World, I feel that my writing about this subject is no accident.
I’ve decided that my writing won’t be just for fun anymore–but for a cause, so I’ve decided to donate a percentage of my book sales to mental health research.
Dreamthief debuts on September 1, 2015, and while I would love everyone to read my book, I would also love it more if I could spread the word about mental health. All shares and likes and kudos and prayers for those suffering with depression are appreciated!