Welcome to my very first #1LineWednesday! I’ll post my line and then a snippet from Bloodthorn. Leave me a comment and tell me what you think!

Death, washed in soap and tears. Ashes, like the remnants of our love, drained away, past soil and roots, past the living. Sitting. Silent. Never to be touched by sunlight again. Never to return again.

Even with my souped-up RV water heater, the water bordered on freezing after thirty-five minutes, so I finally stepped out and huddled under a towel. I dressed quickly, hoping to make it to bed and fall asleep fast. I couldn’t be awake and left to my own demons any longer—I was growing poetic, for goodness’ sake.

Sleep wouldn’t come, of course. My worries kept me awake. Would I really have killed Kull? Sure, I hated the man—but would I really have gone through with it and killed him? A country would have lost a king. Heidel would have lost a brother. He had a mother, other siblings, and nieces and nephews I knew he adored.

Why hadn’t my magic fried him? I’d been so angry he should have been a pile of cinders by the time I’d finished with him.

Obviously, I’d never meant to kill him. My magic knew I hadn’t really meant to kill him, no matter how angry I’d been. Once again, my magic seemed to be acting of its own accord.

As I drifted to sleep with Han Solo piled up and purring on my feet, the sound of knocking startled me, and I stared apprehensively at the door. The howling wind echoed the insistent knocking. My heart rate sped up. Who could it be at this hour?

I quietly crawled out of my bed and to the window, parting the slats just enough to see outside. A man stood on my doorstep, but his features were barely discernible under the distant street lamp.


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